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Calibehr Solutions is a complete IT solution hub that offers time-tested expertise and proven track record to assist you while meeting your business needs. Based in Dubai and operating globally, the company has a team that is a great combination of young & dynamic people and seasoned professionals who have served in senior management positions in multinational companies.

With such a diverse exposure and experience, the team of experts ensure that the company provides best possible results, with efficiency and accuracy. They believe in providing cost effective and quality IT solutions to Public and Private sectors.

The company is strongly supported by a 16+ Years India based award winning Business Solutions Provider Brand- Calibehr Business Support Services Private Limited. Read More


Human Resource Outsourcing (Non IT)

The current business scenario today is more progress focused than ever, constantly finding itself amidst digital revolutions, cut throat competitions, real time demands, and tapering timelines. This calls for instant decisions, ready taskforce and above all on-demand skilled manpower. Thus, temporary staffing was born to tackle on-demand and seasonal manpower influx.

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Customer Experience (Business Process Outsourcing) with Digital Touch

At Calibehr our efficient and effective blend of customer communication and contact center management can help your brand reach customer satisfaction goals easily. All this is done using innovative AI (Artificial Intelligence) solutions.

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Omni Channel

OmniChannel Platform is a powerful end-to-end platform that brings together Multi-Channel Contact Center, Social Media, Web Chat and Collaborative Bot Intelligence to transform how companies communicate with customers. It helps enterprises to connect in real time to their customers and create personalized brand experiences through multiple channels.Customers can get access to support on all the channels such as Voice, SMS, Email, Chat or Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

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Information (Cyber) Security

Computer networks, including those associated with financial institutions, healthcare, government, transportation, utilities, military, manufacturing, communications, and many others, depend upon computer systems to perform critical tasks such as verifying transactions, preventing fraud, operating equipment, collecting data, communicating information, managing inventory, tracking shipments, etc.

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Artificial Intelligence

Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are some of the most talked about technologies today. With big data, contextual analysis and user behavior being a key part in developing smart products, businesses with an eye for innovation will need to take advantage of these tools in order to stay ahead of their competition. Still, we cannot neglect Human Intelligence hence Calibehr believes that it is important to balance between AI and human intelligence.

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The rate of change in customer requirements and technology is increasing exponentially. In response, many businesses are deploying a DevOps strategy to reduce lead time between product conception and market adoption. As part of the DevOps transformation effort, IT Operations improve response times and reduce costs, while Development teams focus on developing better products that meet customer needs faster than ever before

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NOC/SOC Operations

Network deployments & roll outs are very challenging task for any organization. With involvement of several stakeholders. Calibehr has developed extensive experience in deploying networks and infrastructure. In addition, strong program and project management skills ensure cost-effective network implementation, which results in faster time-to-market, while getting it right the first time, every single time

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Infrastructure and Cloud Services

Datacenter with 25,000 SQFT area providing services like SPaaS (Space as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Product as a Service) with 24/7 Network Operating Center. Datacenter comprises of services such as Cloud Hosting (Private/Public) and Cloud Storage.

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Technology is a great enabler, and it brings great efficiency in doing the customer acquisition using EKYC and Video EKYC tools to make it a paperless process. Calibehr brings blend of system and automation using Robotic Process Automation for onboarding new customers. It is industry agnostic and can be deployed for any business keeping by ensuring compliance to regulatory guidelines of geography.

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