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Banking, Finance, and Insurance

We provide innovative solutions in the Banking and Finance sector backed by best-in-class Technology.

Key Offerings:

  • KYC – Calibehr has E-KYC solutions and Video KYC solutions for easy and hassle-free onboarding of the customers. Our tools can be customized according to the local regulatory guidelines.
  • CRM Solutions – Our solutions include branded as well as customized CRM tools to match any upcoming requirements in this sector.
  • RPA Solutions – Robotic Process Automation are used to automate the on boarding process by having strong OCR in different languages and matching images digitally using strong Machine Learning algorithms.
  • Digital Customer Experience –Moving from traditional methods to new age methods using a blend of AI tools. These include Chatbots, Voice Biometrics, Speech Analytics and customised analytical reports using business analytics tools.
  • Anti-Money Laundry Solution – Calibehr provides easy to deploy AML tool which is designed on the local regularity guidelines and acts. It provides a complete view of risks and raises alerts at various stages.
Agriculture Sector

Calibehr’s approach is to use technology backed by a network of experts and researchers developed by AgriTech. It has worked with local communities and knowledgeable stakeholders to ensure that the needs of farmers are met. It also works closely with government agencies and private partners to ensure that policy implications of the initiatives are implemented correctly. AgriTech is a one-stop shop for farmers. We provide online platform for farmers to manage their farms, apply for government schemes and avail services from multiple government agencies.

The platform also helps in improving crop yields and efficient farming practices by providing timely advice from experts. Some of the key offerings are:

  • Help line to provide easy access to information about government services, and a grievance redressal mechanism to strengthen governance.
  • Information tool to strengthen extension services All of these efforts will converge at the district level, with operations over-seen by the district administration.
  • Extension Services
    • Weather monitoring and updates on daily weather forecasts
    • Monitoring of biotic and abiotic stresses: soil moisture, soil quality, pest and disease, etc.
    • Custom recommendations based on soil health and crop requirements
    • Problem diagnosis on pest and disease, plant growth, etc.
    • Crop Advisories
  • Financial Services
    • Accessing institutional credit for farmers and farmer collectives
    • Access to crop, livestock and other insurance schemes
    • Subsidies and Schemes
Health Care

HealthTech is a new age end to end platform which enables patients to connect with Doctors and get verified medical reports, prescriptions and medicines right at their homes. Based on latest advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, HealthTech offers a service that is truly tailor made for every individual’s needs.

Some of the key offerings are:

  • Hospital Automation ,a tool to speed up registration process, get Doctor consultancy, allocation of beds. It forms a centralized repository of all the patient details including the tests which are conducted from different laboratories.
  • Virtual Hospitals ,is a mobile/web based tool to get Doctor appointments and consultancy.

The BPO arm of Calibehr Solutions is a leading provider of back end support services to Ecommerce companies. Our team of background checked professionals lends its outstanding services in providing excellent customer experience through their premium quality services.

Some key offerings are:

  • Voice, Email, SMS and Social Media
  • Data Entry
  • 24/7 Support services
  • Up sell and cross Sell
  • Claim Management
  • Order tracking and Fulfillment
  • Customer Loyalty, etc

Telecommunication industry is an ever evolving one. Calibehr has been catering to the telecommunication sector for years in providing various communication solutions and services. From single desk navigation to comprehensive hardware and software, Calibehr has a solution for all your telecommunication requirements.

As the consumer’s demand also changes so does our range of products and services which includes:

  • 5G Readiness -5G upgrade involves huge upgrade at Hardware level. Calibehr partners with world leaders to create a state of art infrastructure.
  • Speech-enabled IVR — A great way for customers to interact and get immediate support with minimum efforts. NLP (Natural Language Understanding) is an easy way to communicate in customer language.
  • Voicebots -Conversational VoiceBots can orchestrate any bot across phone, web chat, mobile messaging and smart speakers.
  • Chatbots -Chatbots provides 24/7 Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled self-service support to customers.
  • Analytical Dashboards -Business Analytical based Dashboards to provide real time status.
  • CEM -Customer experience management using call centre technology is the driving force behind the success of businesses today. The right solution can help increase efficiency, optimize customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Public Sector

Calibehr provides 24/7 support for citizens and tools for government.

Some key offerings:

  • Digitalizing of Records. – The digitalization of records have become extremely popular since its introduction. Through the use of technologies like cloud computing document retrieval is faster, safer and manageable. AI tools supports in automation of content with more accuracy.
  • Citizen Grievances Under One Umbrella –Single helpline for all the government departments in local or global languages for the citizens to submit their grievances and follow up till closure.
  • Citizen Benefits –Information dissemination to all citizens and facilitating citizens to understand processes for acquiring their citizen ID cards, driving license or other benefits which are provided by government.